Voting in the 2024 European Parliament Elections: A New Opportunity for Greeks Abroad

Historic Moment for the Greek Diaspora

We are excited to share a significant development in the Greek electoral process. For the first time, Greek citizens residing abroad will have the opportunity to participate in the European Parliament elections, scheduled for June 2024. This marks a pivotal moment for the Greek diaspora, enabling you to exercise your democratic right and have a voice in the European Union’s future.

How to Vote?

To participate in these historic elections, Greek citizens living outside Greece must register for postal voting by April 29, 2024. Unfortunately, there will be no polling stations set up abroad. However, the postal vote mechanism ensures that your vote counts, no matter where in the world you are.

Our Token of Appreciation – 100 GREEKCOINS

At HellenesAbroad.org, we want to celebrate your participation in this democratic process. As a token of our appreciation for casting your vote, we are offering 100 GREEKCOINS to each individual who provides proof of voting in the 2024 European Parliament elections.

How to Claim Your GREEKCOINS

After casting your vote, simply send us proof of your participation. This could be a confirmation of your postal vote registration, or any official acknowledgment that you have voted. Once we verify your participation, we will credit 100 GREEKCOINS to your account.


GREEKCOINS are a symbol of our appreciation and connection to our heritage. By participating in the elections and claiming your GREEKCOINS, you’re not only contributing to the democratic process but also strengthening our global Greek community.

Let’s Make Our Voices Heard!

This is more than just an election; it’s an opportunity for Greeks around the world to unite and shape the future of Europe. Your vote matters. Make sure to register for postal voting by April 29, 2024, and join us in this significant moment in our history.

For more detailed information on the voting process and eligibility, please visit elections.europa.eu.

Disclaimer: Independent and Non-Partisan Organization

Hellenes Abroad is an independent organization and is not affiliated with the Greek government or any political party. Our mission is to connect and support the Greek diaspora worldwide. We strive to provide resources and opportunities to Greeks living abroad, fostering a sense of community and shared heritage. Our initiatives, including the distribution of GREEKCOINS for participation in democratic processes, are independent endeavors aimed at encouraging civic engagement and cultural unity among Greeks worldwide.

Hellenes Abroad operates independently and is committed to maintaining neutrality in political matters. Our services and offerings are not influenced by political affiliations or governmental policies. We respect and support the diverse views and beliefs of our members and work towards the common goal of strengthening the bonds within the global Greek community.