GreekMade is an innovative platform established in 2023 by Nikolaos Drymousis, aiming to showcase and promote authentic Greek products and businesses on a global scale. The platform is more than just a marketplace; it plays a vital role in promoting Greek culture and supporting the global Greek community.

Key aspects of GreekMade include:

  1. Promotion and Sales of Greek Products: It focuses on promoting and selling Greek products, providing an opportunity for lovers of Greek cuisine and culture to discover authentic products from various regions of Greece.
  2. Collaboration with GreekChannel and GreekExpo: GreekMade collaborates with GreekChannel to advertise and present products through special programs. Additionally, through GreekExpo, it offers a digital platform for organizing virtual and hybrid exhibitions. These collaborations enable Greek businesses to showcase their products to a wider audience, including importers and professionals globally.
  3. Engagement with the Hellenic Diaspora: Through its collaboration with the organization Hellenes Abroad, GreekMade connects with the Greek diaspora worldwide, strengthening community bonds and cultural ties to Greece.
  4. Diverse Membership Packages: GreekMade offers various packages suitable for different business needs, ranging from basic packages ideal for small businesses or new producers to more advanced packages aimed at businesses seeking intensive promotion and greater access to international markets.
  5. Secure and Reliable Purchase Process: The platform ensures a safe and trustworthy shopping experience for both producers and consumers. It uses secure payment methods like PayPal and releases funds to producers only after all consumers have received their products, ensuring reliable transactions and satisfied customers.

GreekMade represents a multidimensional platform that not only enhances the Greek economy and product production but also significantly contributes to the promotion of Greek culture and the global Greek community.

For more information or to explore their offerings, you can visit their website: GreekMade.