Section 1: Promoting Greek Tourism

Marketing Greece Worldwide:

  • Global Campaigns: Examination of successful marketing campaigns like ‘Discover Greece,’ which used digital platforms and influencers to boost tourism, including their impact and strategies.
  • Cultural Events as Tourist Attractions: Discussion on how Greek festivals and cultural events abroad promote Greece as a travel destination, drawing visitors to explore the country’s rich heritage.

Case Study:

  • ‘Athens Reborn’: A deep dive into this collaborative initiative that revitalized Athens’ tourism, discussing its strategies and the record number of visitors it attracted.

Section 2: Affordable Greek Holidays

Making Greece Accessible to the Diaspora:

  • Discounted Travel Packages: Coverage of initiatives like ‘Hellenic Holidays,’ which offer special discounts for Greek diaspora members, detailing the packages and their uptake.
  • Cultural Exchange Programs: Exploration of programs like ‘Heritage Visits,’ facilitating immersive cultural experiences for diaspora youth in Greece.

Success Story:

  • ‘Diaspora Travel Network’: A detailed look at this travel agency founded by Greek expatriates, focusing on its approach to curated tours and its impact on connecting diaspora members with their heritage.