Chapter 2: Economic and Business Development

Section 1: Economic Strengthening

Supporting the Greek Economy:

  • Investment Trends: Explore recent trends in investments, highlighting the rise in foreign direct investment in Greece and the ‘Buy Greek’ campaign that boosted Greek exports.
  • Case Study – ‘Aegean Ventures’: A venture capital firm investing in Greek startups, significantly impacting the tech sector and job creation in Greece.

Section 2: Economic Resilience

Building Collective Economic Resilience:

  • Community Response to Economic Challenges: Narratives of how Greek communities worldwide rallied during the Greek financial crisis, highlighting the success of diaspora bonds and economic forums.
  • Real-Life Example – ‘SolarGreece’: A diaspora initiative in renewable energy, focusing on solar panel installations in rural Greece, boosting sustainable energy and job creation.

Section 3: Support for Entrepreneurs

Global Network for Greek Entrepreneurs:

  • Mentorship Programs and Resources: Detailing initiatives like ‘Hellenic Hub,’ and digital platforms offering resources, workshops, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight – Elena Kountoura: Founder of ‘Nostos Foods,’ a Greek start-up that successfully introduced Greek products to the Asian market, supported by a network of Greek entrepreneurs.